LeAnn Rimes

God’s Work

Release Date: 16 September 2022

Americana / Country / Pop

Singer/songwriter, actress and author LeAnn Rimes will release a new album in September: god’s work – a symbiosis of ethereal, rhythmic and grounded songs that take each listener on their own unique journey

Written and produced by Rimes and her longtime collaborator and close friend, producer/songwriter Darrell Brown, God’s Work is nearly three years in the making and brings out Rimes’ breathtaking vocals. The record features a mix of ethereal, rhythmic and brutally honest songs that take each listener on their own unique journey, exploring the duality of life and recognizing the light and dark we all encounter. Rimes promised to put a spotlight on women in the making of the album, from mixing to recording and mastering, allowing her to fully immerse herself in the fragility of the lyrics and sound.

LeAnn Rimes – God’s Work