Lady Mondegreen

Fellow Pynins

Release Date: 20 May 2022

Bluegrass / Americana / Folk

When you’re looking for a shining example of how creative musicians make the folk tradition their own, the new album by the Oregon duo Fellow Pynins, Lady Mondegreen, fits the bill perfectly.

Fellow Pynins are celebrating the release of Lady Mondegreen at their official Artist Showcase at the 2022 Folk Alliance International.

Oregon Americana duo Fellow Pynins reshape the folk tradition on their new album, Lady Mondegreen – a collection of lovingly curated songs.

“Whatever influence guides their sound, there is no denying the spark and creative buzz that bubbles beneath their performances. There is a great beauty in both their timing and the subtle flourishes of their arrangements that ebb and flow perfectly… they sound at one with the song.” – Folk Radio UK

“It’s rare to come across artists who truly harness a distinct sound of their own. And it’s even more impressive when they achieve this with minimalist means. Enter Fellow Pynins, who is one such group that checks these boxes. – Music Mecca

Lady Mondegreen – Fellow Pynins